The Vernon Soccer Club (VSC) is a non-profit volunteer based organization. VSC is not affiliated with the Vernon Parks & Recreational Department, however, we do work closely with the town of Vernon and other organizations to provide soccer


Every Travel Team needs a team manager to assist the coaches with some of the administrative duties associated to the Travel Program.  Any of these responsibilities can be divided up amongst various parents on the team.  Please don’t think as team manager - you need to do it all.  Here is an outline of what a team manager is responsible for:

Complete CJSA Passes for all players, coaches and managers (Only needs to be done in the fall unless there are new spring players):

  • Once a CJSA roster is approved, the certified pass cards will be generated and provided to a team manager by the VSC registrar.   These cards will only be generated when the roster can be certified.  This means all birth certificates have been received, and all coaches, assistant coaches and managers have completed their background checks.
  • Background checks are good for 2 years so they don't necessarily need to be done each year.  The link the the background check is found at
  • The team manager needs to affix a 1” by 1” photo (facial shot) to each pass.  A team manager can request pictures from people or take head shots.  (The small school photos work well).
  • As of Travel 2012/2013 - passes no longer need to be signed so after the pictures are glued on, they can be laminated and given to the coach.  These will be verified at all league games and many refs check them at friendly games as well.  A suggestion is to punch a hole in the corner and place a metal ring through the entire pack of passes so they can easily be flipped through by a referee.  A player will not be allowed to play without their pass nor will an adult without a pass be allowed on the team bench.
  • Along with the pre-printed CJSA player passes, VSC will provide to Team Manaers an official CJSA roster.  Managers should make several copies of the certified roster – will be needed if you apply to tournaments.