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“Great. I’m a coach. What do I do now?”

                                      -- pretty much every coach ever, at least once.


Whether you’re new to the job or you’ve been organizing the swarm for years, youth coaches have much in common: They want the players to do well. They want them to have fun, to learn, and to listen. And yes, they would very much like the parents to be glad they coached their child. Ideally, all of these things will happen. But hey, three out of five wouldn’t be too bad.


In an effort to help you go five-for-five, the Vernon Soccer Club has mined the Internet to find drills and coaching tips that should make your job easier, and make your players better, happier, and more successful. Which of course makes your job easier.


We’ve split them up into several categories that you can access by clicking the buttons on the left. Many of these drills will require you to have Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) or Windows Media Player (also free). All of them will require you to have a computer (not free). However, if you’re reading this you already have a computer, so it’s a good day.


There’s a lot of material here—literally hundreds of drills and plans and videos. Find some that you like. Re-use the ones that work, and introduce a new one or two at each practice. Whatever you do, please don’t scrimp on the footwork. It all starts there.


By the way, parents, you too should troll these resources and learn these drills and moves so that you won’t go all glassy when your son or daughter comes home and says, “Today at practice I was 1-on-1 with this sweeper and I couldn’t decide if I should do a Cruyff or a Matthews so instead I did a half-Garrincha but I was dispossessed.”


Seriously. This happens. It’s not pretty.