The Vernon Soccer Club (VSC) is a non-profit volunteer based organization. VSC is not affiliated with the Vernon Parks & Recreational Department, however, we do work closely with the town of Vernon and other organizations to provide soccer


Thank you for your continued support of the Vernon Soccer Club! WE NEED YOUR HELP & ACTION TODAY!

The Vernon Soccer Club is at a critical crossroads and is in need of space to grow our program. We need to keep pace with the facilities that our neighboring towns are providing their programs and youth.  We would like you to voice your support of the referendum on October 1st, 2019 to purchase roughly 42 acres with the purpose of building dedicated soccer and lacrosse fields. This broad-based community-wide effort is to improve the footprint of our youth athletic fields and add additional valuable green space, walking trails and the unique opportunity to preserve a portion of the Hockanum Valley River which will be linked to the river trail system. 

Our club is 100% volunteer-based. Our low-cost programs are organized, coached and paid for by Vernon residents. If you have not been sure how to help in the past, wished you could coach or wanted to support the club... now is your time. Please show up at the Town Hall meeting on October 1st or take 30 seconds to submit your name at the bottom of this page. It will help your player and those that will follow them.

Should you wish to voice your support for this project you can contact Vernon Town officials directly. Alternatively, you can use our "Auto email service" which will email me your support directly by adding your information to the bottom of this page. The Mayor, Town Administrator, and Town Council all unanimously approved this project. NOW IS THE TIME FOR YOUR ACTION!

You simply need to enter separate submissions from each adult in your home with your Full Name and Street Address and it will email me the letter as shown with no other effort on your part. I will submit them on record Tuesday. 

A nice detailed overview of the project can be read via the Journal Inquirer Here.

This is a copy of what you will be sent via our auto email:


To Whom It May Concern,

I wish to voice my support for the Vernon Soccer Club and the youth in Vernon with their need for dedicated space to play soccer and additional purposes.

The Vernon Soccer Club has a track record dating back to the '70's of providing for the town's youth. It is time to further support the growing needs of the town's youth and provide them with the needed space to play. 

The Vernon Soccer Club is at a critical crossroads and is in need of space to grow their program. They need to keep pace with the facilities that our neighboring towns are providing their programs and youth.  I am in support of the October 1st, 2019 referendum that will allocate the necessary funds to support the building of a multi-sport complex on the town line property of Vernon and Ellington.

The purpose of this communication is to make my support known as if I was in person.


Simply put, Vernon is the only town in the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association’s Northeast District that does not have permanent year-round dedicated soccer fields.  Lack of field availability and a growing soccer program has made this lack of dedicated space an issue. Vernon Soccer could achieve its needs while still allowing for lacrosse space, ample green space and walking trails to be tied in with the rails to trails and other community space near Rockville.


Why there is a need: 

Why is this a problem in Vernon? The majority of the fields in Vernon overlap causing field shortages for multiple sports to use them at the same time or during the same season. This has created unnecessary strife between the sports leagues, outside groups that want to use the fields on occasion and with the town. In many cases, players are told there is no space to play. With most sports being played year round there is no space to create additional fields.


In many cases, leagues can’t hold shop on their perceived “Best or Home” fields because other organizations fields overlap theirs. This is the case at Legion Fields, Boulder Ridge, & Volunteer Fields. Additionally, at our Skinner, Northeast, VCMS (both the lower and West Rd side) schools, this is an issue as well. Add into the mix the addition of Lacrosse in Vernon over the past number of years (another great sport that requires large amounts of space for fields) and the field placement and lack of “dedicated” field space for each of these sports has become a MAJOR ongoing issue (as is the parking at many venues). Having a dedicated place to place would lessen the traffic and use of the Board of Education controlled properties as well. There are a variety of reasons this is of benefit to them.


Vernon Soccer has been asking for a review of these ongoing issues for the past 6+ years so we can better provide for the youth in town. The addition of more space allows Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Softball, and Baseball to all have homes they can use at any time of the year.


Vernon is the only Town in the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association’s Northeast District that does not have dedicated soccer fields. This puts our program and the town’s kids at a disadvantage. These Towns that immediately boarder Vernon has not 1, but 2+ dedicated year-round soccer field complexes with multiple soccer fields:

·         Bolton has 2: Herrick Park with 2 dedicated year-round soccer fields & Bolton Center School a multi-use facility but currently with 6 dedicated year-round soccer fields.

·         Coventry has 2: Ladlow Park with 3 dedicated year-round soccer fields & Coventry Grammar School which is multi-use with 2 dedicated year-round soccer fields.

·         Ellington has 2: Pinney ST w/ 2 dedicated year-round soccer fields & Brookside Park which is a multi-use facility with 6 dedicated year-round soccer fields.

·         Manchester has 3: Charter OakKennedy Road Soccer Complex & Veterans Memorial Soccer Complex 12+ total combine dedicated year-round soccer fields.

·         South Windsor has 2: Rye Street Park w/ 5 dedicated year-round soccer fields & Nevers Road Park 4 dedicated year-round soccer fields

·         Tolland has 2: Lower Cross Multi-use with 4 dedicated year-round soccer fields & Crandell Park  Multi-use with 4 dedicated year-round soccer fields.


Thank you for your consideration of my request,